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No Chlorine Water Treatment Kit – Large


Large Water Treatment Kit for M Spas – No Chlorine, No Bromine, No Salt and No more bad chemical smells.

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Chlorine Free Water Treatment Kit – Large

Don’t like the idea of bathing in chlorine? Neither do we here at M Spa Direct.
We use and recommend this chlorine, bromine and salt free water treatment kit for use in your M Spa.
You don’t need to worry about the dry itchy skin or harsh chemical smells that products like chlorine, bromine and salt can cause.

This kit contains everything that you will need for balancing your M Spa water.

Large Kit Includes:

  • 500 ml Chlorine Free Water Sanitiser
  • 500 ml Clarifier
  • 250 gram pH Raiser
  • 1Kg gram Spa Booster
  • Water Test Kit


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