The Worlds’ Strongest Inflatable Spa
Our laminated 6 layer construction, 33% thicker PVC material and i-beam rigidising in the walls of the spa makes the Luxury Exotic model M spa thicker and stronger than any other inflatable spa

An Awesome Massage
Surround yourself with thousands of bubbles that caress and massage your body, soothing aches and pains, releasing stress and tension in your body and relaxing your mind – perfect to ensure a great nights sleep.

Total Temperature Control – Cold or Up to 42 O
Whether you are using the spa cold in summer or heated anywhere up to 42 degrees in winter, you can choose the temperature that suits you by the touch of a button on the digital touchpad.

Self Inflates – Set Up Takes Under 10 Minutes
Just attach the inflation hose to the outlet and the valve and your spa will inflate itself in minutes. The built in inflation meter makes it easy to know when to stop and the inflation / deflation valve is easy to use for quick setup and deflation. Any time you want you can move it, store it and set it back up again in minutes.

The Worlds’ Most Economical Inflatable Spa
M Spas boasts a 6 layer insulation system to trap in the heat and keeping out the cold to reduce heating costs. This includes insulated floor, high density under-spa thermal mats, an extra thick zip on lid and external skirt (that wraps around the outside of the inflatable pool) and an inflatable lid. The built in equipment pack also reduce running costs.

Fully Portable or Totally Permanent
Your Luxury Exotic M Spa can be as permanent or portable as you like. Some people take their M Spa to parties and on holidays. Others set their spa up as a permanent part of their outdoor living area – using a wicker surround bench, decking, privacy screens, a gazebo, shade sail or umbrella and landscaping to turn your home into your own resort.


Super Comfortable
Unlike most inflatable spas, the Luxury Exotic has a thick padded base, in-built cushions and soft sides to ensure your total comfort and relaxation. The 151 gives you more room for guests and to stretch out when you want.

Quiet Operation and Sleek, Impressive Looks
Most inflatable spas have the equipment in an external box that attaches to the spa with pipes. This makes the spa noisy and ugly. The Luxury Exotic M Spa has the equipment built into the wall of the spa, making it quiet and adding to its impressive, sleek look.

Plugs into any Standard Power Point
No need for an electrician or a special power supply, the Luxury Exotic M Spa plugs in to any standard 10 amp power point.

Digital Lock on the Lid for Safety
Once the top lid is zipped on, use the digital lock supplied to lock the cover onto the spa, stopping anyone using or getting into your spa.

12 Month Warranty Backed by our Dedicated Service Department
M Spa Direct is a division of Oasis Leisure Products, a well respected importer of Oasis swim spas and spas, Oasis Therapy Saunas and Thermosmart heat pumps. With over 30 years of experience in the Australian leisure industry, a dedicated service division and tens of thousands of dollars of parts in stock, we can take care of any warranty issues, supply you with parts or arrange service for the life of your M Spa.

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